The Vinologue Collection (Empordà,Montsant,Priorat)


Three regional wine guides to Catalonia’s DOQ Priorat, DO Montsant, & DO Empordà regions including 250 winery profiles and over 850 wines tasting notes

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While each is available separately, together, these three books for DOQ Priorat, DO Montsant, & DO Empordà form the indispensable cross-Catalan reference where they make some of the best wines to be found in all of Spain. A definitive “must-have” for any visitor to the region or anyone who truly loves great wines.

It was the Carthusian monks who are to “blame” for starting it all in Priorat and Montsant back in the 12th century when they founded the Scala Dei monastery. But these monks came after those up in what is now the Costa Brava at border of France where they founded the monastery of Sant Pere de Roda. But, it just goes to show that wherever the monks went, fine wine was to follow.

Their rich, full bodied, elegant wines are matched only by the spectacular terraces that they’ve cut in to the steep mountains for their Grenache and Carignan grapes in Priorat or then those vineyards that trickle down in to the Mediterranean Sea in Empordà.

These first editions of the Montsant and Empordà books and the second edition of the Priorat book have extensive profiles with GPS coordinates, full color photos, maps, suggested itineraries, and tasting notes for over 850 wines making this pack the most essential books for planning your own wine tour.

The Priorat book is 480 pages, Montsant 312, and Empordà 360, all in full, glorious color.